Three Reasons Why Key Rings Make Great Promotional Items

The best and most popular promotional items all share two traits in common. These traits should always be the first things you look for when choosing promotional items and when weighing up what types of items will best suit your business. Choosing items that are both practical and portable is always important, and you’ll usually want to consider value for money as well.

  • Practicality

Items that serve a clear purpose are almost always the way to go when choosing promotional products. Pens, mugs, mouse mats, and of course key rings. Practical items are best simply because they get used, and every use generates some exposure for your company. The more often the item gets used, the better–and that’s why products such as key chains, pens and mugs are such successful promotional items. They’re items that everyone uses, and uses often. A key chain, for example, will get used several times a day–locking up the house before leaving for work, unlocking the car, and locking and unlocking supply cabinets and other secure places during work hours.

  • Portability

The second important factor is portability. A good promotional item is easily transported from place to place, so that it can be used in many different places to generate maximum exposure. That doesn’t mean that office-bound items such as mouse mats don’t make good promotional items, but it does mean that items such as key chains and pens, which can be transported in handbags and wallets, do have an extra advantage. When an unusual-looking key chain is used in front of other people, it generates interest in the item, and the advertising message it carries gets some attention too.

  • Value for money

Value for money isn’t an essential factor in terms of the publicity an item can generate, but it’s always an important consideration when buying promotional items. It can be difficult to strike a balance between quality and cost, but there’s an enormous variety of key rings and other promotional items available. Promotional key rings come in plastic, metal, and leather, and there is plenty of variety in terms of shape, color, utility and cost.

Key rings with extra functions offer particularly good value for money–there are key rings available that also include a calculator, bottle opener, or small torch. Items such as these–that are a little bit out of the ordinary–represent good value because of the goodwill they generate with the recipients of the items. In addition, giving items that have added functions mean they are more likely to replace any similar item that the recipient already owns. If you give a key ring and torch combo, for example, the recipient is almost guaranteed to replace the key ring they already own, because the added torch functionality makes your gift much more useful.

Don’t forget to also consider how well the items you choose will reflect the image of your company, and how well your chosen items and designs will complement any existing company logos or designs. Designing a cohesive advertising theme for all your promotional items goes a long way towards creating a recognizable company brand that will make you more memorable to customers and the general public.