Create a Bond With Your Customer and You Could Have a Customer For Life

The relationship between a customer and your company is more complicated than it appears. It is not a simple matter of the customer handing over some money in return for a product or service. Certain conditions have to be met before the customer feels comfortable enough to make a buying decision.

Here is what customers want you to do before they will make up their mind to buy from your company.

Welcome them.

Make them feel wanted. People will gravitate like magnets to a company that makes them feel important and appreciated. There is a whole range of subtle signals that tell customers whether you are happy to see them. Your tone of voice, your facial expression, your posture, even the way you are dressed – all these things send powerful messages.

Understand them.

Show empathy. Do not just understand from the head; understand on a feeling level also. Look for clues in their tone of voice and body language. One customer may be afraid to ask a question because they do not want to appear ignorant? Well, your job is to give them the information in a non-threatening way. Another customer may use aggressive behaviour as a way of getting some attention? You should recognize this and massage their ego in a way that will calm them down and redirect their focus.

Make them feel special.

Everybody likes to feel special. The surest way to make a hit with customers is to give them the red carpet treatment. Make a fuss; pamper them and give them your undivided attention. Ask about their families, their hobbies, their interests. Treat them as fascinating, unique individuals. Let them talk about themselves and their interests and you will ensure their loyalty.

As you welcome customers, show understanding, and make them feel special from the moment they walk in the door, you will be successful every time.

What you are doing is establishing an emotional bond with your company, and that can be incredibly powerful. Customers will even overlook some negatives, like higher prices, if they like the feeling of doing business with you.

On the other hand, a company that takes its customers for granted or treats them like account numbers will not generate any customer loyalty.

And, when there is no loyalty, very soon there is no business.