Car Signs: What Are They?

“Car signs” is a broad term that can encompass a large variety of products. Generally, the term car sign refers to some sort of custom signage applied to a vehicle and used to promote a business. Most of the time the signage is applied to a business fleet vehicle, but sometimes the car signs are actually used on the employee’s personal vehicle. This is very common when the business is run out of the home. Car signs are fairly-inexpensive, easy to customize, and very visible to potential customers. Whereas technology has allowed for consumers to avoid popular advertising techniques such as TV commercials and radio ads, car signage is simply unavoidable. Public transit services have realized the value of this form of signage and offer ad space on city buses, subways, etc.

Car signs are an incredible opportunity for business advertising, especially for smaller businesses that have limited advertising budgets. Car signs are available in a variety of materials, ranging from magnetic signs to vinyl decals for the body of the car, as well as car window decal materials such as one-way vision film.

  • Car magnets-A magnetic material specially magnetized for outdoor advertising which is available in a variety of thicknesses. Car magnets have gained popularity because they are quite affordable and fully-reusable. The magnet can be taken off the vehicle and reapplied as needed, as well as switched between different vehicles.
  • Car decals-A thin vinyl decal film with special adhesive that is formulated to not damage the vehicle’s paint. These can be die-cut to any shape (a great option for business logos), and they apply directly to the vehicle for long-term use. The application process is quite simple, and upkeep is fairly-low.
  • Car window decals-These come in many different materials, but the most-popular and most-effective is one-way vision film, which is a perforated adhesive film that has one-way visibility. The material allows for full-color printing on the outside, but it is fully see-through from the inside. This is a key factor when advertising on a car window, because any significant visibility restriction could result in a traffic citation.

With the advent of e-commerce and increase in online sign companies, it’s never been easier to order car signs. Local sign shops are always available as well to help with the design and printing process. Now that you have a better understanding of the car sign options and their purposes, place an order today to start conveying your business’s message!