Low Budget PR – Teaming to Win at the Publicity Game

You are a marketing diplomat, problem-solver and die-hard detail person. You are a living, breathing publicity whiz kid and a nouveau dynamo at the PR game. So, why don’t you have any hip and happening articles floating around about your service or business yet? It may have a lot to do with your mindset about publicity and how to WORK IT and WIN at it!

To WORK IT and WIN at the publicity game requires all of the three Ps put into action: planning, persistence, and a positive attitude. Take a look at the four steps to winning active publicity.

1. Have a strategic publicity plan for every campaign: At the most basic level, you need to know who you are targeting (audience/consumer as well as publications). Are you going to target internet publications only, or are you going for community newspapers? Have you restricted yourself to domestic press or have you included international press as well (**Tip** International Press are also online so reach out to the editors).

2. Develop rapport with editors: This step is self explanatory. Publicity is like anything else, you’ll never know the outcome unless you try. This means you will have to be proactive and seek out editors of publications that reach your niche demographic consumer. It’s much easier than you think, and email can be a sure bet when it comes to securing a positive response from an editor. You will definitely need to write a query or pitch letter – which should be no more than three paragraphs. Get in there with the introduction about you, your company and/or service, and sell the editor on how interviewing you will benefit the readers of the publication. Keep it brief, yet witty and entertaining. Always thank the editor for their time and consideration when closing the letter and leave your contact information. This is where persistence kicks in, because you will definitely need to follow-up with the editor. Remember, you are not the only one out there pitching an editor!

3. Learn how to power talk and power write (speaking and writing with confidence): Whether you know it or not there is a writer and public speaker inside of everyone. It is your job to build the confidence in your writing and speaking skills needed to ensure a solid publicity campaign. After all, publicity includes persuading the masses that you are an expert at what you do. Take time out each day to write something positive about your company or service. Yes, you may want to consider purchasing a journal. If you jot down a paragraph a day, and follow-up by recording yourself reading each paragraph, you will notice a definite boost in your level of confidence within as little as 30 days. Publicity relies more on the art of persuasion than the art of manipulation.

4. “Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em”: When it comes to editors of newspapers or magazines you are dealing with the dealer. Just like in poker where the dealer decides the rules of the hand being played, when it comes to the wonderful world of publicity, the editor decides the rules of play at his or her publication. So, play your cards right! Know when to compromise and when to hold your ground. Negotiation is key so you’ll definitely need to be open to it.

I hope these steps have helped you jumpstart your publicity campaign and team up to work it and win at the PR game.