The Best Security Cameras for You!

When you are in the market for getting a security camera it can be rather confusing the best kinds to buy for your specific situation and the only way you are going to be able to pick out the kind that is right for you is getting some background on the different types that are on the market today. There are three main types of security cameras and each one has different features and skills which will produce the best capturing that it can for your specific needs. Once you realize what each one can offer you, then you can pick the right one for your situations.

· Dome Cameras – These cameras are named after the type of shape that they have and usually come in either black or white for their colors so that they can blend into where ever you decide to put them up. They usually have a plastic covering which makes it almost impossible to know exactly where the camera itself is pointing so they are very popular in retail outlet stores simply because the customers can’t be sure if they are on or off camera. They can be mounted on a ceiling or on a wall either way they will be able to give you a good vision of where ever they are pointing at. The very basic of these types come with a pretty good video resolution and that can be upwards of 420 lines of resolution. They can be fitted with a fish eye camera lens which will get the widest possible view that one can imagine.

· Bullet Cameras – They are named this because they look like ammunition casings and are usually very long so that makes them very powerful. When you buy even the most basic of them you will be getting a 4 millimeter lens and this will allow a 70 degree view in any direction you want to point it in. They have been weather proofed so they can stay both inside and outside and are mainly used in closed circuit television videotaping. The cameras can be designed so that they capture full color video during the day and at night, they automatically switch over to a black and white view which is better for the lower light of night time.

· Infrared cameras – These cameras use LED lightening which means that the human eye won’t even see that they are on and pointing at them instead it will look like absolutely nothing yet it’s picking up even the smallest detail of a person or the action of someone else. People usually use these indoors because even at night there is light that shines outside and these cameras would prove useless with any sort of light. So putting them inside a dark room or building where people think they might get away with something will work the best. They come in many varieties and different strengths but no matter if you get a cheap or an expensive one you will have exactly what you need in a camera.