How to Increase an Ad Banner’s Conversion Rate

Ad banners can be a quite powerful tool for advertisers to reach out to potential customers if they are done properly and maintained the correct way. Their primary purpose is to entice customers to click on them and continue to buy something or at least learn more about the products that are being advertised. These clicks and activities that are produced by each banner ad are measured by the back-end ad server. This data can tell you a great deal about its impact on visitors: if you have a successful banner ad or not. Maintaining consistency is key. If the metrics are telling you that certain colors, words, arrangements, and pictures work better than other, then you should consider updating your other ads to these settings. You will likely see your return on investment improve with better performing ones.

Ad serving is the service that puts banner ads on different websites. It chooses which ones to display on the website, depending on many different factors and targeting criteria, including visitor’s location, search keywords and website’s content. An ad server is the system that stores all of the banner ads and delivers them to specific websites when need be. These servers are in charge of counting each impression and click that each ad generates. Additionally, a conversion code can be placed on the landing page to record a successful conversion. This is how these servers calculate conversion rates. A conversion happens when a visitor clicks on an ad and places an order with the advertiser.

It requires regular and systematic maintenance to make sure banner ads work the way they are designed to. The most important thing to remember is that you have to make your ads relevant. You cannot make a banner ad for a free movie ticket but have your landing page about radio stations. If you have it for a free movie ticket, the webpage that visitors will see after clicking on the ad should be about movie tickets and how to get one for free. Also remember that there is only a limited space you can use on each banner ad. Choose your words wisely and make sure they are catchy, yet informative. Add a call-to-action button to invite ad viewers to act now. You can add pictures and colors to your banner ads but make it attractive and not annoying or distracting as it can become a liability. The focus should be on the ad message rather than the pictures and colors. Check if ad server supports multiple versions of the same ad campaign so that you can test which version performs the best. Ad optimization can be based on the number of clicks, click-through rate, or conversion rates.