Promotional Items For Women

In the world of promotional items, there are many times when you want a gender specific item to give away. At anything from a bridal show to a business meeting, it is sometimes warranted to have some items created just for women. Having promotional items created just for the females in the room can lead to a special feeling, which can lead to sales!

Here are some promotional items currently available that will appeal to the women in your audience:

  1. Cosmetics bags – with more women on the go and traveling, cosmetics bags can be a big hit! Depending on where these bags are used, you may get many different people looking at it and seeing your business logo. This is especially true with women who work out at the gym, then get ready for work right in the locker room.
  2. Compact mirrors – every woman can always use a little mirror that will fit in her purse or tote bag. Whether she uses it to reapply makeup or to fix her hair after being in the wind, a compact mirror is always handy and useful. Add your company name and logo to the flip top and you have a wonderful advertising tool.
  3. Lip balm – whether in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, lip balm is applied constantly by women to keep their lips from cracking and becoming rough. Have some promotional lip balm at the next function you attend and see how quickly it is grabbed up and appreciated!
  4. Manicure sets – women can rip a nail anywhere, at any time. Having a small, portable manicure set will not only be come in handy when this happens, but it will advertise your company each and every time it is taken out of a purse or desk drawer.
  5. Travel hair brush – this compact, portable hair brush will come be a wonderful addition to any woman’s travel bag. Easy to use and easy to advertise on, a travel hair brush can last for years and bring in any number of customers.

When it comes to the above promotional items, some can be expensive while some can be quite reasonable. Don’t hesitate to try out more than one and test which promotional items for women work best for you. When on a budget, though, you can always find something that will fit your promotional needs!

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