The Five Best Promotional Items for Outdoor Events

Is your organization sponsoring an outdoor event or festival? Are you participating in a public awareness event that will be taking place outdoors? There are many promotional items that are ideal for use at festivals, parades and sporting events. Here are the top five promotional items for outdoor events.

  1. Promotional sports bottles

Promotional sports bottles are among those items that everyone uses. Whether your drink of choice is a sports drink, spring water, fruit juice or something with a little more bite, sports bottles let you carry it along without fear of spills. Straws and squeeze lids make it easy to drink while moving, even at a fast trot or on your bicycle. Promotional water bottles and sports bottles have generous print areas so that there is plenty of room for your logo, company name or message.

  1. Frisbees

Outdoor events are meant to be fun. Even the most staid of businesses can break out of their stolid, stodgy image at festivals and outdoor promotional events. Frisbees are ideal giveaways at any event with a playful theme. They come in a wide assortment of colors and styles – flexible rings, sponge flyers, boomerangs and flyers – and have a full printable surface for your message. Choose something very visible and event attendees cannot miss your message.

  1. Can Coolers and Bottle Chiller

Printed can coolers and bottle chillers, insulated sleeves and similar promotional items are very popular giveaways at outdoor events. They will be a welcome during the day, keeping cold drinks cold throughout the event – and continue to serve your event attendants for months after. There are many styles and types of can coolers, in a wide range of materials and colors. It is easy to find the right colors and styles for your company’s logo.

  1. Promotional umbrellas

Umbrellas are surprisingly popular promotional items for outdoor events. If you choose a versatile style, they are as useful as sun parasols on a hot day as they are for fending the rain in less clement weather. If you are exhibiting at an outdoor festival or fair, your promotional umbrellas will make you one of the most visible companies on the green.

  1. Tote bags

Tote bags and canvas carryalls are always welcome promotional gifts. At outdoor events, they make it easy to carry around all the other items that event attendees will pick up. A sturdy tote bag will be used for years, and display your logo or promotional message everywhere that it is carried.

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