Tracking Advertising Metrics and Successfully Adjusting Your Market Strategy

Advertising metrics refers to the concept of tracking of impressions of end-users and keeping an assortment of data involving Web trends and user habits. Television advertising tracking is done by use of Nielsen ratings and Nielsen boxes. This is basically the same concept of advertising metrics.

Keeping track of the effect of advertising on users is an important aspect of advertising and marketing, as knowing what works and what does not work is powerful knowledge to an advertiser who don’t want to repeatedly spend money on advertising campaigns that don’t t work as they won’t stay in the advertising business very long spending money frivolously, which is why tracking advertising campaigns is so important. Advertising metrics online is represented by a host of different software tools that allow users to track visitors to their websites as well as a host of other information that assists the webmaster in deciding what advertising campaigns have been effective and which ones have not been so effective.

Advertising managers can contain information such as where the user came from and what page they left from as well as what link they clicked on to leave your site. This information can give the webmaster a comprehensive overview of where to focus his traffic generating efforts overall, narrowing down the field of available advertising and marketing choices.

By making use of the extensive wealth of advertising metrics tools on the Internet, the webmaster can keep extremely close track of all the users that visit his site, and learn all types of information about them including what type of web browser they use, their operating system and other important features.

The most interesting feature of Web advertising metrics is the ability to determine what keywords and key phrases that users searched to find your website. In this way, webmasters can find out which words and phrases are most popular with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and other popular web-based search engine software. Knowing how users are reaching your site and what keywords and phrases that they are using at search engines can allow the webmaster to tailor their efforts to meet these popular terms and phrases much more effectively, making better use of the keyword content and phrases that are already existing on the webmaster’s site.

In this way, the webmaster can utilize the advertising metrics to inform him or her about the available wealth of information involving visitors to their site and what type of Internet vehicle brought them there, whether it was a link from another site, a visitor from Google search or even a visitor from an image site. Knowing information such as whether they came from an image site or not is very important, although it might not seem that way at first. Websites with a lot of image hits convert poorly, although it is not widely known. Knowing what your traffic is doing on your site can be a big help to the webmaster and advertising metrics is the number one tool to provide this information.