How to Tell a Story to Build Your Brand

Today’s businesses both big and small are all about branding. Even the independent contractor who is struggling to build their name is a brand. For many businesses, the brand is who they are and what they’re about. Unfortunately they don’t know how to tell a story so that everyone else knows who they are in the world of business.

One thing that is growing in popularity is a combination of storytelling and branding; often called brandtelling. As strange as it sounds, thousands of companies are learning how to tell a story that will prompt people to not only take notice of them but want to know more. The downside of brandtelling is that not many companies are sure how to do it in a way that comes across as authentic and unassuming. Building your brand can be difficult, especially early on when you’re simply trying to find your market. In order to make the process easier, use these tips to get yourself in the right frame of mind to tell a story.

Your story should be one that others want to emulate. What about your story makes others want to be you or be a part of your company? Your story needn’t sound like everyone else’s. In fact the more unique your story is the more people want to know about you. However, don’t worry if your story isn’t one for the record books. When it comes to how to tell a story that others will want to be a part of, the delivery is just as important.

Part of what makes a story real is the detail given to it. Of course since it’s your story, it’s as real as you want it or need it to be. That means you have the power to add as much color and description to it as possible. A story that leaves people feeling like they experienced everything with you is one that cause them to remember who you are and not only why they want to be a part of it but how it benefits them as well. The story is memorable and it is reality at its best.

If you don’t know how to tell a story, don’t worry. Many stories are told in casual conversation without the audience or speaker even realizing that’s what is happening. Stories are best told when there is time and it feels natural. When it comes to brandtelling, your brand is your story. The actual storytelling can come from an unassuming question such as, “How did you get the idea for this product?” A simple enough question, but watch the story behind it unfold and leave your audience feeling rewarded for learning this personal information and enlightened as well.