The Gist Of CRM BSC

The world of yesterday did not experience customer relation management basic or CRM BSC as we do today. From a business standpoint, customer relation management is a philosophy that deals with managing a business and expanding it through customer satisfaction by meeting the customer’s expectations and giving higher quality than what is normally expected.

In a nutshell, customer management is focused on its customer not only in terms of end consumers but also customers within an organization. Many people do not realize that fellow employees can be customers too. What this approach focuses on other than the customer satisfaction rating is knowing the customer, what the customer wants, and how potential customers can be lured into becoming part if the business strategy. But then, people should beware that this is not just about technological infrastructure. Many companies have spent so much money on technology and yet failed to manage customer relations because they did not hear the voice of the customer.

One way of doing this is through the Affinity Diagram. An Affinity Diagram is a tool used in organizing a large volume of data. Mostly, and Affinity Diagram is used in quality improvement. This normally happens when there are hundreds or even thousands of data at hand that needs to be organized.

Once the voice of the customer or VOC is gathered, the people involved with dealing with the customer should also set up a meeting and categorize each customer comment into major groupings. This way, potential causes for customer dissatisfaction are organized in way in which there will be accountability in each department. Once these data are organized, the team can then begin work on areas of improvement in each department concerned.

After constructing the Affinity Diagram, the team can start working on their tools and manage the way they relate to their customers. The very foundation of this is through building a customer database. This database shall contain customer information such as full name, address, product bought and when, etc. This will help the company profile their customers and know which products or services are selling high and which are not. A study may be done to figure out if there is a certain geography that brings more business or what age bracket the product is sold highest to.

In general, a customer management tool is used in call centers or BPO industry. This is applied through the tools used by the associates who deal with the customers. These associates are often referred to as the front line agents. This makes the agent’s tasks easier and faster in pulling up records. Just imaging, if these records are pulled up through literal folders from file cabinets, the service will take eternity.

In summation, CRM BSC is the customer management tool of the millennium. This is the most basic need of a company if it intends to survive the business of customer satisfaction. Without this, one cannot effectively improve performance and much less develop KPIs and metrics that are aligned with what the customers want.