How to Attract Talents to Your Company?

  • Does your company seek development?
  • Improvement?
  • Achievement of better financial results?

Of course, managers of each company seek this.

One of the moving forces of future success, apart from luck and conjuncture, is the solution of the task called: “Who will attract more talents in his company?”

Let us define the term “talented employee” in relation to our business.

This is an employee, who successfully performs his tasks within the predefined company strategy.

We need to clarify following components of this definition:

  • Successfully performs, hence achieves the financial results.
  • Tasks are defined from the general company strategy. These tasks correspond with the existing skills of an employee. They are clear and measurable.
  • Owners or management of the company should define the strategy. HR department realize the strategy inside the company. The same department ensures the selection of right people.
  • Talented specialist is always considered in relation to something. A talented sales manager, a lone wolf, may never become a good head of a sales department. However, he may become a good coach for young sales managers.

It is important to consider the talent in relation to the problem we want to solve.

We draw your attention that it is not enough just to attract the talented employee. It is important to use his talents to achieve the goals of company strategy.

Tasks of attraction, retaining and training of talented employees, certainly, are very important for the company business, because they directly correlate with such an indicator as company profit.

What will help you to attract talented specialists into your company?

Make your company attractive for them. Create an environment for self-improvements targeted to realization of company goals. Tell, explain and all the time educate them about the answer to the question: how will growth of the company profit affect wellbeing of employees.

The involvement in the process of achievement of results will help to attract talented specialists into you company.

Managers usually say: “We do not have a budget to call in the professionals. Our company does not have interesting projects. And so on.” These are only excuses. Drop them. Work with what you have. Make the company attractive with the resources you have.

Give people an opportunity to work on ambitious projects. Turn small projects into important ones, achieve the results and get satisfaction from achievements.

Did you assess the company image in the eyes of employees?

This is important to understand how much your staff is proud to work with you, work in your company.

This is the attractiveness. This is the attractiveness of your company. This is a sustainable competitive advantage. You can even say that innovation of the company is in how much the company is attractive for new talents.

You should remember that motivation of employees is not only monetary. This is respect, simplicity of business processes, creation of comfortable working conditions and common corporate space, targeted to the achievement of the common goal.

How can you tell what is required to attract and keep the talented employees?

  • Start asking the right questions,
  • Form your own atmosphere of attractiveness of the company,
  • Get rid off all the obstacles to the effective work and satisfaction from the complete task.

It is hard to attract talents. And it is even harder to keep them. Creating the attractive company, you will create a professional atmosphere for the creativity, innovations, improvements and unique competitive advantage. Make up your mind!