Using a Simple Hotel Automation System to Gain an Edge Against the Competition

Hotel automation has evolved from being cutting edge technology to a standard that every hotel should have. Given this, various companies have developed a wide variety of systems to suit the needs of even the most discriminating guests. Hotels can set themselves apart from other properties by installing a simple yet sophisticated system.

Simplicity is an important consideration for a hotel room automation system. Controls that come with a plethora of functions and options have a tendency to overwhelm rather than simplify. For instance, if a guest finds himself having difficulty performing basic tasks like activating the lights or operating the television due to the sheer number of buttons, he may find the hotel automation system to be more of a nuisance rather than a convenience. A simpler system that allows for control over basic room functions and provides a reasonable number of options is more equipped to enrich the overall guest experience.

An excellent option that is notable for its simplicity is the wireless keycard system. This system provides a guest with maximum control over the different room functions through the use of a single keycard. Upon entering the room, a guest can simply insert his keycard into the keycard reader to activate lighting, the HVAC system, the television, and even the draperies and shades. The various functions are then either powered down or set to energy-saving mode upon the removal of the keycard.

To provide guests a higher level of control, hotels can also install additional automation controllers that provide options for lighting, temperature, and other basic features. An integrated controller that contains options for all of these in one device can simplify the operation of these further.

Such wireless systems are ideal for both new and existing hotels, as these do not require expensive installations or renovations. A wireless system can be easily retrofitted into a hotel room within a matter of minutes, eliminating any opportunity costs that may arise from having rooms unavailable for booking during renovation.

Some companies offer systems that are pre-programmed, pre-tested, and individually packaged for each room, thus allowing hotels to have them installed like any other device. Not only is this more convenient, it is also cost-effective.

Hotel automation systems come in many varieties, and serve many functions. But this is one of those instances where less is generally more. By choosing one that is simple and straightforward, a hotel can gain an edge even over the more established names in the industry.