What Does Determine the Innovations of a Human Resources Department?

Let’s have a look at the HR department in the mid-size company.

Which knowledge should the employees have?

  • Business ethics,
  • Employment relationships,
  • Knowledge of legislation?

Yes, of course!

And how critical is the understanding of:

Change management

Company strategy

Financial management


A new company employee is a change. A new company manager is an important change. A new company top manager is a very important change.

Change management, being these changes positive or negative, is one of the key skills, which we forget to use when we hire or fire a person!

Innovations of the HR department should include an ability to generate and manage positive changes in the company via selection of right employees. At the same time, an understanding of company strategy, work in the same system of key indicators will allow HR specialists approach their tasks constructively and responsibly.

It is very important to understand that innovations are highly dependable on the internal company environment, which the employee gets in. The corporate environment will help innovations and improvements in the business.

Have you often seen new employees that tried to change something with a gleam in their eyes, but later moved to the stage of casual everyday routine? It is possible that you tried to find answers yourself: What have happened? What should you do?

It often happens that the reason for this is not in the person, but rather in the system, in the system of corporate morale of the company, which suppressed the desire for innovations, desire for search, desire for initiation and implementation of improvements.

You should agree that if your company strives for innovations, you need people targeted to innovations. Your HR department should search the people like this, and, at the same time, it should be innovative itself!Innovative department is ready for changes, searches changes, initiates changes! Of course, this should happen within the framework of the company strategy, which owners or management of the company set up.

Let’s look at recruitment process in relation to the innovations of the company.

  • Is your company growth- and development-oriented all the time?
  • Does your company strive to be innovative and competitive on the market?

“Of course” will be an answer of any manager who develops his business.

However, if you forget you aspirations during recruitment, all your efforts will be useless.

The task of a Head of HR Department is not only to select staff to close positions in the organisational structure, but also to move company to another level.

It is important to find, attract and keep the right people. The right people work to give their company result, not to change their job after a while. It is important not just to select the right people. It is important to organize a system of constant search for the right people.

In order to organize the system, you need to define who you are looking for. The answers to the following three questions will help in this:

1. What should a new employee do in his first month, in first three months? Write down the forecasted outcome that your company needs from a newcomer.

2. What are the requirements for a new employee from his line manager? Are there any nuances? This is because line manager and newcomer should trust each other.

3. Does the potential candidate really like your company, potential role, and workload? Or does he join the company for some other reasons?

To select the people you want to get the results from, you need to get rid of the template job descriptions. Instead, do write your own, specific to your company. The purpose of the job description is to lay emphasis on uniqueness of work in your company, to help the employee to integrate in the company.

Running an interview with a potential candidate, you need to prepare a document with following sections:

Section 1. Information about the vacancy. Specify the position, description of the workplace, psychological features of a candidate.

Section 2. Company profile. What is the company name? What are your goals? What is your competitive advantage? Who are your potential clients or type of clients? Who are your competitors? This information is open, there is nothing confidential, that’s why you should tell it to the potential candidate.

Section 3. Line manager profile. Brief information about the future line manager.

This brief on key points will help you to learn more about the employee, and will also tell the candidate maximum information about the company, management and requirements.

You must put this brief in writing. This will save your time and will attract the interested candidate.

It would seem strange that these simple approaches could ensure the selection of right employee.

However, these simple approaches create clarity and remove the obscure ambitions. Thus, they attract the right people, who will bring your company necessary improvements and innovations.