Top 5 Company Registration Benefits

Company registration delivers many of the same benefits in the United States as it does in Australia, Europe or wherever else you desire to incorporate. As long as business incorporation has existed, the veteran and new business owner has desired to protect their assets, seek advantageous tax benefits and pursue other business advantages. And while the differences between corporations in the United States, Europe, Australia and any other country are culturally and legally massive, there are many commonalities. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons individuals and business owners incorporate.

1 – Improved Tax Status

One of the most common reasons for company registration, is an advantageous tax structure which is probably the top reason for incorporating. Whether you are looking for low tax rates, tax deductions, or other tax friendly advantages, there is a company registration vehicle somewhere in the world that is perfect for your goals.

2 – Personal Asset Protection

Many business structures can be set up to allow you to sell your personal properties to that company, and then lease them back for your personal use at a very favorable rate. This allows amazing asset protection for your real estate holdings, stocks and bonds, and other valuable investment vehicles.

3 – Prestige and Cachet

Keeping up with the Joneses has been a priority since the beginning of time. And regardless where you currently live, you can earn instant respect and prestige by owning a business located in a country or state that carries much cachet. Even the most modest budget can afford a virtual office in Hong Kong, Paris, Hollywood or New York.

4 – Name Protection

Name protection of your business is vitally important in the business world. Company registration of your company name protects that name as long as your company pays the annual registration fee. In this way, you protect your valuable company name, and build its intrinsic value every year.

5 – Access to Bigger Markets

Company registration makes you legal, and gives you access to the global economy. Worldwide business owners are more inclined to do business with you if you are incorporated. They see you as a serious business professional, and your business reach is made global overnight.

While the above five reasons are certainly not the only motivation for starting a company, they are the five most common, valuable assets that company registration can deliver to the new and veteran business owner.

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