Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant Over A Freelancer

Do you get enough time to spend on little things of your business? If you do not have enough time then you should consider hiring a virtual assistant that would help to look after the needs of the online business. They are pure administrative people who have the right training and knowledge to deal with the matters. However, when you are searching a virtual assistant for your business, you will find that there are two types of virtual assistants. One offers the works from their convenience and the other one works in offices. The confusion that generally arises is hiring which of the virtual assistants among the two will be best for your company. So, to clear out your confusion we have provided the differences between the two. We hope that these points will help you to choose the better one of the two.

Approach to Work

The freelancing virtual assistants are generally self-employed and you get to work directly with them. The assistants that work in a company are assigned to different projects including your project coordinated by a project manager. Both can look after your work well but as the assistants that work from offices are coordinated by the experts so their work would be a better one. They are trained to deal with each and every situation that the freelancers might not be able to.

Services Offered

With a freelancer you would not get the benefits of blogging, accounting, etc. So, you might have to assign different virtual assistants for separate jobs. Hiring different people can make the process difficult for you in terms of management and payment issues. But, as the companies have a whole pool of talented individuals so everything will be managed in just one contract. They can communicate with your consumers (social media management), arrange your schedule and even bookkeep the company’s records.

One-On-One Support

When you are working with a company they would work according to the needs of the company. Though you would not know who in particular is doing the work your work will be done. But in the case of freelancers, they might take time to do work because they work single handedly. In case you are not satisfied with the work of the freelancers they won’t be able to provide you with a replacement. The companies, on the other hand, have several employees. So, if you want a replacement of the employees working for you, they would be able to provide you.


As the companies have a big team they tend to complete their projects in time. So, whenever you approach them they will be quick to respond you than the freelancers.


The companies that offer virtual assistance services offers free trial often so that you are able to understand the benefits of the services. The cost of the companies is significantly low because they offer all round services in just one package. When you are hiring a freelancer, the person might not be expert in all fields. In that case, you have to take the help of different freelancers and your expenses will increase altogether.

So, when you are deciding it will be better to go for the virtual assistant companies rather than dealing with sole freelancing virtual assistant.