Press Releases – Get Tons of Traffic and Skyrocket Up the Search Engines

Press releases can create a lot of buzz for your business. They can also drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your release, and if it is compelling enough, to your website. Another great function of press releases is that they can quickly build up your incoming link count. The more incoming links you have from respectable sources, the higher you can potentially rank in the search engines. Of course, your ranking will also depend on your competition. Therefore, before craft your release or pay someone to do it for you, make sure that you pick keywords that you have a real chanced to get ranked for.

How to Create A Press Release That Will Generate Traffic:

a. Your Release Must Be Optimized: In order for your press releases to make you money, it must be optimized. If you have ever optimized an article for the search engines, then you already know what you are doing. Simply add the keyword(s) that you are targeting, in the press releases’ title and throughout the release 3-4 times. Place your website or blog’s URL in the release 2 times as well.

b. Submit Your Release to the Right Place: In order for your press release to be a success, you must submit it to the right place. One excellent place is There are number of free press release sites that are pretty good and that may get you on Google News. However, if you are looking for good search engine rankings for your press release and website, then PR Web is really the Cadillac of online press releases sites.

c. Have Something to Say: To submit to the best sites you must have a quality release. They will not accept crappy releases that are nothing more then glorified sales pitches. Your press release should inform and excite the reader. Make sure that you connect the product that you are selling with something that is going on in the news.

d. Write It Correctly: Spend some time and learn how to create a good release. It will be time well spent and can pay off in a big way. Your release should appear to be written by a professional or at least someone that has a good grasp on how to create one. You should never try to sale your product in your press release. Instead, send them to your website and make the sale there. Terms such as “guaranteed,” “buy now” or “best ever” have no place in a press release. Releases written in this manner will not get accepted by the best press release web sites and if they happen to, will likely turn potential buyers off.

There is plenty of free information online that will help you learn how to write a good press release. You will also find plenty of samples and tips. Study them and become an expert pr writer. If you do, you won’t ever have to worry about outsourcing this duty to someone else.