How to Improve Your Selling Skills

As a sales representative, your income is usually based on your sales figures. Your sales figures are a reflection of a combination of market trends amongst consumers, but more importantly, your selling skills.

The old saying “a good product will sell itself” is a fair comment, but it really is down to the selling skills of the sales associates to get the product to be a success.

So how do you improve your selling skills?

1) Research your product.

Stay up to date with the latest information on your products. Read any brochures or web sites connected to your chosen product or brand and be as current as possible with your information you intend to use as part of your sales presentation.

Read product manuals and become an authority in all features and how to use them.

2) Research what customers are saying about your product.

Take a look at online forums and reviews of your product. See what concerns or praise people have for your product. Learn to address the concerns and use the praise points in your sales presentation.

Listen to customers who you encounter during your sales presentations. Find out what they do and do not like about your product. Learn how to address their concerns and increase their praise of the product.

Concerns are a closed door to a sale, learn to counter them and open the door.

Praise is an open door to a sale, guide the customer into the sale with ease.

3) Experiment with different features and benefits in a sales presentation.

Some features and benefits really sell a product, some are not so productive.

Experiment during your sales presentations to see which ones are part of successful sales and which ones are not.

4) Experiment with different closing techniques.

Try hard closes and soft closes. See which ones work best with customer and product combinations.

Some products need a hard close. Some customers need a soft close.

Try different variations until you find a high ratio of success combination.

This is just a few ways of improving your selling skills.

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