Sales – The REAL Oldest Profession

In the annals of history, one common philosophy, one common thread and one common attribute binds together multiple facets of all professions, walks of life and means of communication. That commonality, pulsating through every vein of humankind is the psychology of sales.

While the pushy and the unethical in the trade give the love a bad name, “sales” itself is a necessary trait in communication – business and personal – and its characteristics are woven deeply into the very fabric of our existence.

Sales is the oldest profession in the world because it is in who we are, what we do, how we act and how we go about our daily lives.

Basic communication in business and personal relationships boils down to listening, asking specific questions, learning how we can cure what ails those who come into our lives. Whether we are teaching or being taught, providing a customer service or receiving one, or we are enjoying some of the finest things in life, sales is involved – be it out in the open or behind the scenes.

To teach others, in whatever setting, the audience must be considered – what do they need? How can I meet those needs? From there, follow-up is required – is the curriculum taking care of the clientele in the best means necessary?

To provide a service – hotel, restaurant, automobile – the potential customer is the central figure of the universe. What are they looking for in accommodations, amenities or appetizers?

Then, the “selling body” – be it a university, a hotel chain, restaurant chain or major corporation down to a Mom and Pop store – must show that potential customer that they are the winning choice. They have to prove themselves to be the best fit for that need.

Supply and demand has been around since the dawn of time. The gathering and hunting, bartering and trading, negotiations amongst peoples – these are common themes in all eras of mankind. Sales tactics and techniques, listening, communicating and putting the “customer” at ease that we have their best interests at heart, understand their situation and are the answer when it comes to satisfaction of said needs go hand in hand.

Whatever profession you are in, whatever relationship you are a part of and whatever your daily routine, these same principles will be utilized regularly. You may think you want to distance yourself from the sales game, but that is where you are wrong; the day will never arrive where we are no longer called upon to sell something to someone. It could be selling your significant other on the restaurant for the evening, your child on using the potty as opposed to his/her diaper to do their business, or dazzling a potential employer to hire you – face it: that is sales.

The best at it can create a lot of opportunities in his/her life, so, no matter what your calling, station in life or aspirations, you should never stop striving to learn and conquer the selling game.