Redefine Corporate Security With Key Control

Security is a specialized field, which deals in managing the threats that may affect a business. Traditionally, security has been defensive rather than proactive, with ubiquitous guards at the gate, or in reception. Yet, this scenario is changing. The introduction of key control under the scope of a comprehensive key management system has changed the concept of Security.

Consider the problems if unauthorized personnel obtained access to parts of your facility with malicious intentions. Key control allows only authorized personnel access to the rings that effectively control your operation. It also ensures that only the authorized personnel have the keys and will notify you if the keys are late in returning to the cabinet. The use of RFID technology key-tags on the rings helps in monitoring, limiting use, and tracking the access of the keys. These key-tags come with a security seal and tamper-proof key rings. This helps in prevention of unauthorized removal of the key.

Key management systems can include electronic locking cabinets and asset lockers that store data-sensitive electronics, equipment, valuables and important documents of a corporation. It can easily maintain a report of usage and the personnel who access it. The key cabinets have illuminated key slots, to indicate the selection. This facilitates easy, fast and error-free transactions.

The most effective technology in use with Key Control Systems utilizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. By definition, it is “the wireless, non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.” The benefit of using this technology is in the constant and error free, real time tracking of all tags on the system. Every single transaction is automatically recorded; providing an accurate log for the issue, return, or delay of the keys. If there is use of more than one Key Tracer System, then they communicate with one another simultaneously.

With the control systems, accentuated by RFID technology, it is also easy to locate keys and personnel anywhere inside building. With secure systems in place, business can benefit from the increased security and added accountability. There are multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card, or biometric reader. The best method depends on the business setting.

To summarize, any business, can look forward to the features and benefits from key management systems. It can prevent unauthorized access and have full accountability of keys in a facility. These sophisticated solutions have given a new definition to data and equipment protection, information security, asset management and overall security.