Thieves Beware! The Features of Plant Security Systems

Plant equipment has regularly been targeted by thieves over the past decade or so with the construction industry being notorious for having poor security practises. Times are changing, however, and those in the industry are taking more responsibility about the security of their equipment. Plant equipment is very expensive and thus it can prove to be a huge financial burden if your equipment is stolen as a result of lax behaviour from those you have employed to use and store the equipment.

Improving site security is one way of reducing the chances of equipment being stolen. Registering equipment on a database such as CESAR (Construction Equipment Security and Registration scheme) is another way of improving the chances of recovering stolen equipment. However for total ease of mind, many site owners and business owners are turning to technology in order to ensure the security of their expensive equipment. Plant security systems might seem pricey to some, but compared to the price of buying new plant equipment, it would seem like a very worthwhile investment. How do these systems work? This article will look at the features of plant security systems and explain how they can help prevent theft or help you to recover stolen equipment.

GPS Tracking

Utilising GPS technology, plant security systems can specifically locate a piece of equipment to within two metres squared of its actual location. This means that it is easy to trace and locate even if it has been hidden out of sight.


Plant security systems often have immobilisers fitted in, meaning that owners can immediately immobilise a piece of equipment if they find out it has been stolen.This can be done remotely and means that equipment is incapable of being used until reset.


Many plant security systems will instantly report any instances of attempted tampering to the user as quickly as possible. The technology inside the system means that it can detect suspect vibrations or a power interference which may occur whilst trying to tamper with the equipment.

Timed Shutdown

It is possible for the user to set specific times in which the equipment is shutdown. If the equipment is used between 7am and 7pm, for example, it is possible to set plant security systems so that the equipment is immobilised at all other times.

Towaway warning

Some plant security systems will tell the user if someone is attempting to tow the equipment away with an external vehicle. Motion sensors are able to detect any suspect movements which might indicate that the equipment is being taken.

Power Alert

In the event that the power to the system is cut or the battery begins to run out, the system will alert the user and draw their attention to this. This means that there is very little danger that the equipment can be stolen in the event of an absence of power. Only if the user ignores the alarm is there the possibility that the tracking system could die.