Business Card Printing – Tips for Making Your Cards Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool!

Business card printing is one job that needs to be executed perfectly. Although many advertising, marketing and networking mediums have emerged over the years, cards still remain a powerful tool for grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Your cards should not only be a way of giving out your contact information, but they should also be capable of projecting your company’s calibre and image the right way.

Not only do cards work as an effective and handy marketing tool, they can also be used in various other advertising purposes such as placing advertisements in local newspapers, tucking them on the top of letters and applications and the like.

However, the only way you can make your business card a marketing workhorse is to integrate all the important elements to make it look professional and up to the mark. Follow these tips and get your business card printing done the right way:

Adding your logo design:

A professional business logo that depicts the purpose of your business is always an important tool. While printing cards, incorporating your business logo in them will be highly beneficial. Customers look at the card before they read it. A business logo can be a great tool for depicting a decent image of your business straight away to your customers.


Also known as slogans, punch lines are a great way to make your cards more useful. Adding a short and comprehensive slogan while printing cards will make your business cards a much more effective tool for attracting your customers and giving them an idea of what your business is all about.

Your card should be readable:

No matter how colourful they are, no matter how stylish they look, your cards won’t be of any use until they are readable. This is the most important factor neglected by many. Printing business cards that are unreadable can be a regretful investment.

Does your card stand out from the crowd?

If it does, then you’re on the right track. Usually, cards don’t, and that is the main hindrance in your way. Always remember to make sure that your cards are unique if you want your customers to be mesmerized from the very first glance.

Choosing the stock:

An inferior quality paper won’t be good enough to make your cards your perfect marketing tool. Printing cards on high quality stock will not only make them look good, but will also make them durable. If you run a reputable business, your reputation and high esteem for quality should be depicted through your high quality cards.

Colour schemes and backgrounds:

It is a known fact that darker backgrounds are much more effective. But, they are also difficult to be infused while printing decent cards. A research report revealed that colours like red and yellow on cards are extremely useful in getting desired attention from customers. However, both of these colours are widely considered non-professional. Therefore, it is tough to incorporate colours that are not professional in a professional and decent way in your cards. Nevertheless, infusing creativity, designs and uniqueness during business card printing is what makes them stand out.